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Removing Trees Safely

Call Gilbert Tree Service Pros for all your tree and cactus work service needs! We are local arborist service professionals who have been servicing the area with more than 15 years experience. If you need a trim or removal service in the Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, or East Valley areas please call us. We are a long standing and professional business.


You have certainly learned, if you have lived here long enough, that our unusual combination of desert and tropical trees must live in extreme settings. Our magnificent desert trees can be weakened and stressed by the extreme heat, dry climate, and violent monsoon storms. Our task is to avoid the occurrence of this. Please contact us if you need a tree trimmer or tree trimmer in Gilbert.


When our customers take action and contact us before it's too late, we often save damaged trees. Don't wait for a tragedy. Call us now! Nobody wants to deal with major property damage from dropping trees, branches, and big cacti. Using our Gilbert trimming service, stop these incidents and call us before the emergency happens.

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“We were looking for a tree services that ticked all our boxes and we definitely found it! If you’re looking for tree removal, Gilbert Tree Service Pros are without a doubt the way to go! I just can’t believe they were able to get it done so well, not a trace left!”

Josh H.

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About Us

Our Story

For many years, we have been local to Gilbert and care a great deal about this city. Many of us have kids here who go to public schools, and our business is active with charities and other public events. We're proud to call our home this great place. The owner of this crew also works side by side for the fire department, and loves to support his city. Tree service is another hobby because we are a group of guys who are happier outdoors in t-shirts and jeans rather than indoors.

Our Background

We grew up as young kids working for tree care companies during the summer, discovering from a young age what it takes to be an accomplished tree climber and tree cutter. We have never lost the thrill of learning to safely and effectively cutting down trees. Since we started our own tree care company in Gilbert, we have continued to improve our processes and provide high-quality service, such as being able to clear tough trees that many young businesses would walk away from due to lack of expertise and equipment.

Our Values

Many of our returning clients tell us that because of our excellent communication on the phone and in person, as well as our great crew, which is both friendly, professional & highly trained and qualified, they feel they can trust us. The fact is, we are true professionals who take our work very seriously and care for your satisfaction over everything. Our performance is testament to the way we carry out, finish, and clean up every project in a timely manner.

More About Us

What Makes Our Service Different?

We are an all-inclusive tree-care firm serving the entire region of Gilbert, AZ. Consumer satisfaction is our number one priority. We provide reliable, professional services that East Valley residents have come to trust. Specially qualified climbers who have undergone comprehensive training from a professional arborist conduct all trimming & removal. There are also a range of trimming options available, such as roof clearing, removal of deadwood, vista pruning, and full trimming of the tree. Arborists will discuss the most prudent course of action based on your desired outcome after taking a look at your trees as well.

The Need For Removal?

We are also specialists in hazardous removals and have the equipment and expertise required to tackle them. There may be circumstances in which you need to contact the City of Gilbert in order to obtain a removal permit. From beginning to end, our certified arborists will handle that for you. We take several photographs, complete a risk assessment form, and follow up on the city's status.

Certified Arborists

For us, quality care for your trees is of vital importance. We have many arborists accredited by the ISA and aspire to be the best service business you've ever worked with. That's why we keep up with the best practices in arboriculture in Gilbert, Arizona. Many of our arborists are both Oak Wilt Certified and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. It is quick and easy to get an estimate, and we are even able to provide an estimate on the same day in certain situations! After you make the choice to use our service, we will schedule your job within a week in most cases.

Why is Choosing the Right Business Important?

Choose Experience

The Tree Service ranks second only to crab fishing as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. This is why it is important for home owners to be careful of companies that quote tree removal considerably lower than some of Gilbert's more well-established businesses such as us. Some tree removal really needs more high-end machinery that can clearly not be done securely by small businesses running around with only a chainsaw.

Safety Risks

You would want to be sure that the business is licensed & insured, or if an accident happens, the home owner will be responsible. When we speak about a job where it is often important for a full-sized adult to be up in a tree 100 ft up with safety rope and a chain saw, the possible risk of life-threatening injuries is immense if adequate safety procedures are not regularly used. Our business is extremely strict about safety. When we employ individuals, how careful and healthy the individual works is how we primarily determine who is going to work for us. We would much prefer to have a careful, slower paced person every day than a fast paced, less cautious tree climber or cutter. We should train a healthy worker into an outstanding tree trimmer & remover because what we value as a business is the customer's quality of service, not how much money we can squeeze by going quick in 1 day.


We care for our credibility, and we need to have secure staff who are able to pay attention every minute they are on the job and maintain a high reputation. It's difficult to teach someone who still wants to hurry things, this business values attention to detail and care. Of course, we also use all the ISA and other organizations' safety devices, using the newest & best techniques in advanced tree removal & cutting.

Our Promise

We offer you quality tree service in Gilbert, AZ, at the most reasonable prices!

There is no job we can't do with over a decade of experience!

We have the crew & the machinery with a strong focus on safety.

We are a group of guys who are passionate about offering high-end tree removal & treatment to customers who get repeat customers & referrals through word of mouth.

Let us show you what the whole thing is about Gilbert Tree Removal & Trimming!

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